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VoiceOver Reels

Commercial VoiceOver - Kaylin Lee Clinton
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KLClinton- Animation Demo - Kaylin Lee Clinton
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Narration Voiceover - Kaylin Lee Clinton
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Jingle Demo

KLClinton- Jingle Demo - Kaylin Lee Clinton
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From commercials to cartoon voices, audiotour, audiobook, and website narrations, Kaylin's voice lends itself to a variety of projects.  She is known for quickly adapting different voices and accents, and for jingles, vocal arranging on the fly to layer multi harmonies.
Kaylin voices this series of Eucerin commercials!
Kaylin does the "Wow her" tag for 1800Flowers!

Kaylin voices four awesome characters on the new Hello Kitty, now airing on Amazon Kids Plus!

Kaylin voices  numerous characters in this award-winning childrens' podcast series.

Kaylin voices the police drone in this 3D animated short!
Kaylin voices Sweet Grapes and Raisin Cane in the new version of the beloved favorite!
Kaylin sings this themesong and voices Aunt Lena.  Now available on Netflix.
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